Into The Woods Makes It’s Appearance on the Big Screen

Disney is making an adaption to the broadway musical originally made in 1987 “Into The Woods” by Stephan Sandheim and James Lapin. This musical has won several Tony Awards, and let’s just say Disney has big shoes to fill. The film director and former broadway director and choreographer Rob Marshell is the film director of the new “Into The Woods”.

This movie includes many actors and actresses that may be recognizable such as Anna Kendrick starring as Cinderella and Meryl Streep as the witch. Meryl Streep hasn’t played any roles like this in her career as says that she has had a change of heart.  She also stated in her interview with ABC news that although she rejected roles like that in the past, she wanted to bring something new to the film.

Rob Marshell had tried to change as little as he could from the original but a few songs had been dropped due to how long the show would have been. However they had to keep some signature songs like “Moment In The Woods” that is sung by the baker’s wife (Emily Blunt). They had also changed a few lyrics in Cinderellas song “Steps Of The Palace” yet Anna Kendrick sings it very well.

Go on and watch the movie and see! It comes out in theaters December 25th.