Most Overused Phrases of 2014

Many news phrases have been introduced in the great year of 2014. Several of these phrases have come to life through songs, vines, and youtube videos that have became well known and overused.

1. Bae

This iconic word stands for before anyone else and has been circulating in both real life conversations and online. “Do you gotta bae or nah?”


According to urban dictionary, turn up is a verb and is defined as  “getting loose, being wild and potentially engaging in sexual activity”… but many people just use it to make something boring more fun.


Yes. It just means yes, but it sounds more obnoxious.


This has been added to the end of every sentence and can make a serious statement seem less serious. For example, “Can you sign my check, or nah?”

5. Ball is life.

Simple… Ball is life.

6. I can’t even…

This simply means, “I can’t handle the situation”, and many people feel the need to say it.

7. Slide in the DMs like

An attempt to start a relationship with someone, you have to “direct message” them, aka DM.

8. Squad

Someone’s crew or group of friends.. made to sound cooler than it actually is.

9. Basic

This basically means you’re like everyone else.

10. On Fleek

It started with “eyebrows on fleek”, which means that your eyebrows are perfect and look fabulous, but it later moved on to everything that is perfect being “on fleek”.

11. Sorry not Sorry

This is definitely used to make an insult not seem like an insult, i.e. “You’re ugly, sorry not sorry.”


This phrase became popular from the song “Ooh Kill Em” by Meek Mill, but was made widely used after a young 6 year-old boy named Terio danced on Vine. While he danced, “Ooh Kill Em” was said several times.

13. Literally

Literally has been used in literally every sentence to exaggerate literally everything that happened to someone or something.

14. Hashtag

One of the most popular word/phrases used this year is hashtag and has even been used in real life conversations, not just on twitter.  #hashtag

15. +1

This little phrase is used as a “kudos” for something well done. It’s pretty simple, +1.