Youtube Year in Review: 2014


YouTube, a site known for its music, entertainment, or inspiration… And this year is no exception.  There was a fair dosage of scandals this year from the things caught on tape to those involved in YouTube partnership programs.  However there was still an even amount of prosperity for others, obtaining opportunities from starting their own clothing lines to being broadcast on television.  Let’s just say it was a crazy year for everyone as we reflect on YouTube 2014.


Beauty guru Bethany Mota, also known as Macbarbie07 on YouTube, partnered with Aeropostale to come out with a new clothing line… Name sound familiar? She later starred in this season’s Dancing with the Stars along side hunk, Derek Hough.

YouTube partnerships with Dreamworks Animation to create a mini-series.  The channel called YouTube Nation has over 2 million subscribers and will be soon coming to a close after posting daily news videos for the last 360 days. check them out here.


After being bothered that her former coach (who abused her) was still working with children, a woman with the alias of Jamie decided to call her and record the conversation for YouTube.  The coach named Cardosa proceeded to admit to all accounts and after the video was released, she resigned her current position as a school administer.  The video then sparked other’s courage to come about and speak against Cardosa and as a result the coach is now facing five counts of aggravated sexual assault on a child and 11 other counts of abuse, including a possible life sentence.

Susan Wojcicki becomes the CEO of YouTube and emphasizes the playlist feature by having easier access to them and suggestions from  one’s subscriptions.


The famous “First Kiss” video was released the tenth and although people thought it was deep, it really was just an add for a clothing line, which questioned how real it really was … But hey there were some worthy parodies.

There were also many Frozen covers released this month with one of of the more popular one’s being two parents lip-syncing “Love is an Open Door” to their uninterested child.  Watch that here.

And finally, YouTube star Ray William Johnson announced that he would no longer be hosting the show “=3”.  Later in July Robby Motz took over the role.


Of course April brought us a ton of April Fools Pranks. This year there were jokes such as a student pranking her teacher that she was pregnant and Google saying that there was a new application used through Maps called the “POKÉMON Catcher.”

After about 20 years of hosting his late night television show, David Letterman announced on YouTube that he would be retiring when his contract with CBS expired.

And to show how fast the time really does fly, a man named Frans Hofmeester recorded his daughter Lotte, and developed a time lapse video of her development… 14 years in 4 minutes.


After a California shooting in which seven were killed, the perpetrator’s video explaining what he was about to do was removed from YouTube.  Although this sparked controversy as to whether or not it was freedom of speech, Wojcicki stated that it was removed because it threatened violence.

And in other news… this chubby Korean baby can dance.  This short clip just over 14 million views and swept YouTube as well as Vine.

Speaking of views, PSY’s “Gangnam Style” video which debuted two years ago, became the first video to surpass 2 billion views.  Later in the year coders actually had to change the view counter from 32-bit integers to 64-bit for this specific video.


After making a bigger video player, fans of the site wonder what’s going on, or if there was an update.  It was later said that the player was made larger for the possibility of music subscriptions.

“Always” brought to us an inspiring video about what “Like a girl” really means.  In the video adults and children are asked to perform tasks like girls, and although the adults are more stereotypical, the children run, play, and throw as hard as they can.  This posed the question as to whether being called a girl was an insult and opened the eyes of many.


Like earlier, when Netflix did this, YouTube came out to say that one’s buffering problem may not have to do with their app and site but rather the user’s slow ISP.

A fan video for Derek Jeter was made in honor of his upcoming retirement that was overall well put together and featured numerous celebrities and athletes.

Burger King put together a video showing the San Francisco Gay Pride get together and introduced the Proud Whopper.  People later realized that the difference between that and the original product was nothing as they were able to connect that to the LGBT community.


YouTube updated the idea of having a new music subscription service by coming out with their new service called YouTube Music Key.  By paying $9.99 a month users would have access to songs on the site and be able to download and play them ad free.

YouTube itself was occupied primarily with the Ice Bucket Challenge and Robin William’s Tributes.


Everything you need to know for September’s video can be found in Megan Shimkus’ and Kasey Fuller’s Viral Video Recap.  *Shameless plug-in*


New CEO Wojcicki announced that in the future there might be an ad-free version of the site.  Obviously for a price, Wojcicki wants to give users the option to pay a subscription (like Netflix or Hulu Plus) for an ad free viewing.

A woman walks the streets of NYC for ten hours and receives multiple catcalls, in which all are secretly recorded.  As if that isn’t sad enough, people made countless parodies of the matter.

To restore faith in humanity, a magician with the name of Rob Anderson took a homeless man’s sign and ripped it up.  Here’s the catch, when the sign was put back together, cash was found all over the cardboard sign as the man was filled with shock, surprise, and gratitude.


A new Star Wars trailer was released as many wonder if Disney will be able to produce a film up to the original franchise’s standards.

Another Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared was also released as the character’s, specifically Harry learn about love.  I will add that it’s just as creepy as the other two.

Epic Rap Battles also came back this month with a new video starring Ghostbusters vs. Mythbusters, and like always, there is an interesting guest appearance.

And as for December… well the month isn’t really over yet.  I’m sure there will be plenty more viral videos as well as news within the YouTube community.  However for now you can enjoy YouTube Rewind 2014, in which YouTube celebrities and others affiliated with the site team up and look back at the top trends of the year.  Have fun and Happy Holidays!