Top 10 Things That Just Need to Stop


Out with the old, in with the new. This coming New Year millions of people will trade in french fries for a salad, finally get rid of that box of knick knacks that they pulled from their parents garage before trash day, or some other thing that that they could probably done any other day of the year but because it’s the New Year it must be done January 1st. In light of this annual occurrence, it is time to shed some light on the top ten trends of 2014 that do not need to make it into 2015.

10. Facebook

The critically acclaimed social network was launched early 2004; however,the site did not soar into popularity until 2008. The site was popular for its ability to connect people throughout the world with pictures, informational blurbs, and games. However, the site has declined since 2013 with the recent popularity of other social networks such as Twitter.

Instead of sharing and talking to friends it has become a source of drama and a place to talk about how bad their relationships are and to rant about their problems just causing more problems, Facebook isn’t all that bad it can help raise awareness to things going on around the world, but some people are just too much,

9. Duck Face

Pouty lips, or duck face, are the premiere pose of any modern day selfie. With names like Kim Kardashian sporting the look it was inevitable that the rest of the world followed. From Twitter to Instagram horrid pictures of flappy lipped teenagers blaze the internet immortalized in code forever.


“YAAAASSSS”, also known as yes, was born when an over-enthusiastic fan who couldn’t help but voice his admiration of the “Born This Way” singer, Lady Gaga. The video was posted online and quickly went viral with viewers quickly taking a liking to his “YAAAASSSS!”

7. Leggings

Lets be honest here, leggings should only be worn when working out or being lazy at home..not leaving the house. Some girls like to wear these leggings with shirts they would have worn in 5th-6th grade. Just stop

6. Memes

Memes boomed on the blogging site Tumblr 2014. With pages dedicated to nothing but random memes ranging from political debate to drunk looking babies there is something for everyone. However, it gets old, what are these pictures in all actuality are just pictures with captions ON the image instead of under like the traditional description. Do we really live in a world where changing a menial detail can be your instant ticket to fame?

5. Whisper App

The Whisper App is a popular application that can be used on almost any device. The app allows you to share your deepest darkest secrets anonymously with other mysterious users.

This is a great idea and all, but what happens to a “chat app” when single and ready to mingle users log on? It becomes the next,, and any other dating sites that grace the internet these days.

The Whisper App has gone from a secure place to dump some baggage to the “Romance” tab on Craigslist, this is why the Whisper App must go.

4. Cinnamon Challenge

The cinnamon challenge is a challenge some bored teen made up, it’s where you put a spoonful of cinnamon in your mouth and just almost die because you’re choking so much, many kids have ended up in the hospital for this challenge, this just needs to go.

3. Over Hashtagging

#OverHashtagging is not cool. I know we’re all excited for the holiday season, but #turkey #imfull #thanksgivingdishes #santa #santaiscoming #lights #babyitscoldoutside #deckthhalls #holidayspirit is not cute. We all get that you are happy, but all your hashtagging is turning everyone into a Grinch. #StopTheHashtag

2. Hammer Pants

Hammer pants, are we really bringing these back? They were cool back in the 80’s music videos. Don’t get me wrong they look cool but just no.

1. I can’t even/ I’m dead.       

I can’t even right now omg that was so funny I’m dead. What can’t you even? People have gotten a liking to saying “I can’t even” when they’re laughing or when they’re super upset, ex; “hahaha he was so funny I can’t even right now” as well as “omg she’s so funny I’m dead hahaha”. Just no.