Last Minute Christmas Ideas

Did you know that Christmas is a week away?!  If you’re like me, you probably didn’t know that, which means right now you’re most likely panicking because that means that you haven’t even thought about getting presents for anyone.  It’s okay though, you can just purchase something at the store right?  Well you could if you had money… It’s okay though because I have composed a list of really simple, easy, and cheap homemade presents you can make for people that they won’t have to fake liking!

For example, let’s take the simple Mason Jar.  You can pick up this great item virtually anywhere and then branch out from there.  There isn’t really need for buying wrapping paper or a bag for this one and there are so many ways you can personalize both the outside and what goes in the inside.  If you’re still stuck on what to do, you can check out this link in which you can find 51 different ways to fill your Mason Jar… Trust me there’s literally something for everyone.

Another great idea is to decorate cheap mugs or other glasses.  You can paint them with chalk, or use sharpies to make a beautiful, albeit hand washable, personalized creation.

And for book lovers, you can make a super easy bookmark that will at least get some giggles.

And since winter tends to be a stressful time for some, try a DIY “spa” package for someone special.  You could even try to make your own scrubs!

But Kasey, what do I get my guy friend? Men are especially hard to shop for, but believe it or not Five Below is a great place to start.  They have great sport team accessories as well as various tech items.

And when in doubt, everyone enjoys something to snack on during the holidays.  Some of my favorites include the holiday pretzel stick, Rice Krispie pops, and the traditional gingerbread cookie (Mr. Anderson suggests that you make ninjabread) and peppermint bark.  You can even get away with just putting the ingredients in a container if you do it right!

Hopefully this article can help your last minute Christmas shopping flow smoother.  Happy Holidays! 🙂