Top Google Searches of 2014

Many people around the world search for a lot of different things and primarily use google. Google has released its top trending searches of 2014 and they come as no surprise. These searches were definitely some of the most talked about and most covered by the media throughout the year.

In the United States, the top 5 google searches for 2014 were:

1. Robin Williams

The tragic suicide of the one the world’s best comedian, actor, and role model. His death came as a surprise and heartbreak to those around the world.

2. World Cup

The World Cup was one of the most notable events of the year and the coverage of this event was off the charts. With the world watching on July 13, Germany pulled out a 1-0 win against Argentina.

3. Ebola

The outbreak of this deadly disease caused a panic across the globe in fear of it spreading. With several cases in the United States as well, there were many people searching what the disease was and what the symptoms were.

4. Malaysia Airlines

With the crash of the Malaysian Airline flight 17, there was a lot of speculation and devastation about it and how it occurred.

5. Flappy Bird

Flappy bird, in my opinion, was the biggest app of 2014. People went absolutely insane over it, and I’ll admit, even I had to try it out. Though it eventually just got really frustrating and I now only play it when I’m really bored. P.S. I still have the app even though its no longer available in the app store. whaaaaa?  jealous much. yas.

Although the top four searches globally were the same as the U.S., number five on the list was the ASL Ice bucket Challenge and here’s why.

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

In the summer of this year, a new phenomenon erupted called the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. This challenge is simple. You donate $100 to for ALS research, or dump a bucket of ice water on yourself and donate $10. After you dumped the ice water on yourself, you nominate others to do the same and shared the video recording of the entire process on social media to spread awareness.