What *IS* this? Only at Indian River…

Just before Christmas vacation, I walked into the lunch room wondering what the heck an “Italian dunker” was.  When I reached the beginning of the lunch line to get my food, I noticed a hot dog bun with cheese on it.

I asked the lunch lady what it was and her response was “It’s bread you dip in meat sauce.”

unnamed 3


I looked down and notice the “meat sauce” they claimed to be for the “Italian dunkers” was quite likely the leftover meat sauce they used for the spaghetti about a week ago. So basically we’re getting week old spaghetti sauce for our cheese on hot dog buns. The cheese they used to melt on the hot dog buns was the same cheese they used for the garlic cheese pizza from also about a week ago. Basically they’re just trying to get rid of leftovers so it doesn’t spoil, by using us as their trash cans.

unnamed 4


Needless to say, this Indian River lunch special is disgusting, and something needs to be done.