5 Animal Videos To Brighten Your New Year

Animals are known for doing very cute, insane, or funny things. There is always an animal video out there that is sure to make anyone smile. Here are five videos from the past year to start off your new year right!

 1. “Buttermilk” plays with her “friends”


2015 is the year of the goat, and what better way to start off the new year than with a goat video. Not only is it a goat video, it’s a dwarf goat video in which the goat proceeds to jump on top of her “friends”. This sporadic goat is full of energy and watching this video will make you laugh yet feel bad for the other goats. It is perfection.

2. Pigeon outsmarts cat


This video is sure to make dog lovers shake their heads at this cat. This cat is being taunted by a pigeon who just knows it’s not going to get caught. The cat has incredible balance for walking on the ledge, but the only problem is it can’t turn around, which the pigeon takes to its advantage.

Cat: 0  Pigeon: 1

 3. Concentrated Kitty


This kitty might be the most concentrated feline I have ever seen. This cat manages to stare at what is seemingly just a wall for around 40 seconds. What makes this video so funny is that the cat never breaks is stare and the owners gently poke the cat and get no reaction. I must add that this cat has the most piercing yellow/orange eyes I’ve seen on a cat.

 4. The “Smeagol Cat”


Hairless cats, also known as Sphinx cats, can be creepy, but this one turns out to be hilarious. The owners of “Smeagol the Cat” have a Halloween mask and are creeping out their cat. This cat certainly does not like the mask and it sounds as though it’s saying “no, no, no”. The reaction of the cat is priceless!!

 5. Dog and an Invisible Door


Clean glass doors have gone to a new level. This video might be one of my favorite dog videos, because this dog has no idea what’s going on. The back glass door of the owner’s house is open, yet the dog thinks it is closed and waits for the owner to “open” the “door”. It is a one of a kind video and the dog sure is one of a kind as well!

My personal favorite of these five is “Buttermilk” the dwarf goat, because how can you not love a goat jumping and prancing around other dwarf goats? All of these are worth a minute every time. So keep your eyes and ears open because these animal videos get better and better every time!