Millions of viewers take a stand against the terrorist attack in support of the twelve Charlie Hebdo journalist murdered last week. Terrorist group al-Qaida has since taken responsibility for the act against the Charlie Hebdo adorning the image of Prophet Muhammad.

As retaliation poured in from numerous social media site, both good and bad, and Paris peace rallies that were attended by of world leaders.

Even so, this still does not seem to be enough. Today millions of readers took to the newsstand to buy their own copy of the highly satirical newsprint. Within minutes of the magazines release many newsstands patrons discovered that they were not the only ones seeking a copy. The paper usually prints about 60,000 copies of each print, but because of the recent demand it has had to increase that count to about 5 million. Although with the promise to print more of the newspaper to sell Thursday some are just too impatient to wait that long. Those who were lucky enough to snag a copy are now selling their copy for ebay for as much as $560. It is also said that a copy has already sold for as much as $117k.

One thing it for sure, the daily readers of Charlie Hebdo might be a little disgruntled over the recent scarcity of their regular read.