Were You At ¡Bocón!?


Tyler Heflin

The story of ¡Bocón! is about a young twelve-year-old boy named Miguel who goes through a life changing journey when he heads to Los Angeles from Guatemala. His journey begins when he flees from the repressive military regime that comes around his village. His parents are taken, which causes Miguel to lose his voice from fear. He then fulfills his journey by traveling to find it again.


This play includes Mexican and Central American mythology including the legendary “Weeping Woman”, La Llorona.


From a personal experience, I found the play to be very intriguing. I was constantly yearning for more of the story.


The story was well performed and I felt like this production was a big step in broadening the drama department’s horizon, due to the small setting and new choreography(fight/aerial).
One of my favorite and new inclusions in this production was the aerial choreography. The character KIKI, played by Tyler Heflin, was a dancer. The performance Heflin put on was simply beautiful. Her elegance and gracefulness was a wonderful addition to the production.


The main character Miguel, played by Noah LaClair, was definitely the highlight of the show. I enjoyed how enthusiastic and enveloped in the production LaClair was. He displayed wonderful acting along with the other students.


The chemistry between the student actors/actresses was strong, and they worked together very well.

All in all, this drama production is now a favorite of mine and I now have a desire to learn aerial choreography myself.