Is the Halftime Show About Music or Performance?

There has been a huge hullabaloo over the Super bowl halftime show. Many people all over social media have been making a mockery of Katy Perry.

In all honesty, seeing her come in on a lion was pretty awesome. And the flying firework was an amazing show in and of itself.

The attractions were absolutely spectacular. Along with the lion, Katy Perry was singing while flying on a firework. Not only is that utterly terrifying, but imagine how difficult it is to sing while being strapped to pole on a small moving platform. I most certainly couldn’t pull that off.

Now lets just take a look at the whole beach set. Everyone wants to complain about how the set was childish and should’ve been different, but it went with Perry’s “Teenage Dream” and “California Gurls.” Although I think we can all agree that all the meme’s were right, left shark was in his own little world.

The question is, is the halftime show all about performance or is it about music? As much as I like Katy Perry and Missy Elliott, it really is about show. I mean think about it, people get excited over what big thing is going to happen at the halftime show, not about how good the singing will be.

If anything, everyone is most excited for who will be performing. Look at the reactions the world had over “Missy Elliott stealing Katy Perry’s show.” Social media has been making memes left and right saying things along on the lines of “Missy Elliott was on TV, we’re back in the 2000s.”

Overall I thought the 2015 Super Bowl halftime show was outstanding. Katy Perry was amazing and seeing Missy Elliott again was a nice surprise. Whether its about the show or the actual music, you know you still enjoy watching it.