The (Always) Amazing Spider-Man!

Connor Hajdasz, former sports editor of Warrior Ink said, “Spider-Man is awesome,” but you don’t have to take his word for it.  Various rankings and polls have said that Spidy is the most iconic of the Marvel bunch, even with the not so favorable movies that have come out for the hero lately.  So think how popular his franchise would be if it headed in a new direction.

And that’s just what fans have been imagining for years.  With all of the magic that Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) has brought to superheroes such as Iron Man, Captain America and the Hulk, followers of Spider-Man have been patiently waiting for his turn.  Unfortunately, this  hasn’t been able to happen because of rival company, Sony owning the rights of the hero.  However, a press release from February 9th shows that Marvel will be teaming up with Sony and the creative vision for Spider Man will be shared amongst the two companies.

But how did Sony come to this?  Why did they decide to collaborate?  Well, we can attribute this back to Seth Rogen and James Franco.  During the fiasco with the release of The Interview, Sony was hacked, and many emails were revealed that showed that the company really didn’t know where they were taking the Spider-Man franchise.  Ideas were all over the place and it was shown that both the director and current Spider-Man actor himself (Andrew Garfield) were displeased with the way they were treated.  As a result, many believe that Sony made this decision to benefit themselves as they try to gain back credibility.

This deal doesn’t only benefit Sony though.  MCU is just as excited to have the hero back with them.  Although Sony still owns the rights and final product of all things Spidy related, the MCU crew envisions Spider-Man playing a big role in upcoming movies.  In fact it is known now that a new Spider-Man movie will be released in July 2017 under direction of Marvel Studio President, Kevin Fiege and ex-co-chairman of Sony Pictures, Amy Pascal, pushing back other movie projected dates.  And rumor has it that this won’t be the first time we see Spider-Man.  Many believe that he will actually make his debut appearance in Captain America Civil War coming out in May of 2016.  It is also assumed that he will start making his way into other popular Marvel movies like The Avenger series.

So the only question that remains is who will be the new Spider-Man?  Unfortunately Andrew Garfield will not be returning for his role, as the studio plans on being introduced into the MCU world as a teenage boy struggling to survive high school.  This leaves much speculation as to who will be able to fill his shoes.  As people debate over forums and social media sites, the two names that seem to appear the most are Dylan Obrien, star of The Maze Runner and Teen Wolf, and Logan Lerman, who played big roles in Perks of Being A Wallflower and the Percy Jackson series.  Others are asking to retire Peter Parker altogether and bring in Ultimate comic’s Miles Morales.  Although this most likely won’t happen right away, it would be a fresh start to the franchise.

Though, whatever MCU decides to with our beloved hero, we will always have a place for Spidy in our hearts and the desire for webs to shoot out from our wrists.