What Color Do YOU See?


As of yesterday, February 26th social media and most of the internet experienced a phenomenon. Everyone has been going on about the color of that dress. From social media, to high school bell ringers, everyone seems to care about this dress. Serious debates and arguments have been waged over the color, so lets get down to it, what is the actual color and why do some of us see it differently?

Yes, the dress IS blue and black, regardless of what people may believe. So what exactly is the science behind this?


Light enters your eye through front. Different colors are received based on the difference in wavelength. The light then hits the back of your eye and colors make a connection with the part of your brain that makes images for you to see. The first light that hits your eyes is reflected off of the world you see around you. Now that all sounds pretty complex so let me give you an example.

Art teacher Kelly Tuttle of Indian River gave her explanation as she simplified the science. “For me, I was looking at a blue blanket on my bed while on my phone. Since I saw the Blue in the background, that color was subtracted from the picture I was looking at and I saw the dress as white and gold. Your eyes see certain colors based on the lighting of the objects around you without you even realizing it.”

When the white balance in the photo is adjusted, you can see that what some of us perceive as “white” is actually a very faded blue and what some of us perceive as ‘gold” is actually a very faded black.

One thing is certain, those who see the dress as white and gold are absolutely wrong. And I sadly am one of those people, though I may not like to admit it.