Caffeine Addicts Rejoice: Starbucks Planning Delivery

Starbucks is going to deliver to your door, imagine calling up Starbucks on a Friday night while you’re working and boom coffee at your job. With a shooting the idea of delivering first to urban areas, if the idea turns out better than expected, you could expect to receive in other areas too. Starting off at your regular store, launching into unmarked spaces in a building like a food court or airport for example. The second part of the project will be launched to cities like the Bronx or Brooklyn.

But would you miss the chance to get away for a minute and enjoy the free wifi, while writing your college paper or just chatting with your friends. Mark Brotman of Starbucks stated “We’ve learned over the years by giving customers more options, that ends up netting out positive for the business.” They’re planning on first testing in their Seattle headquarters to see what a barista showing up at your work space would be like. They said they want see what a green apron [barista] looks like, out from behind the counter.  While most people would welcome anyone who is saying, hey I got some coffee for you, the public image is important. Starbucks claims that they are launching different delivery methods as experiments just to see how it will all work out in the end.