IRHS Talent Show: Not as Painful as I Feared

When I was first asked to be a part of a group dance number for the talent show, I refused. I was convinced I would look ridiculous and would get nothing more than embarrassment out of it. It wasn’t until I saw the choreography that I decided, ‘why not?’ I figured since it’s my senior year and I would be doing it with my friends, it couldn’t be that bad.

When I had my first rehearsal with the “Jalapenos,” I had a blast. We were a mess and none of us had any idea how to dance, let alone choreograph one. But the most important thing to all of us was that we had fun.

As the days went on, we got better and better. Indian River Spanish teacher Ms. Bennett, worked with us and pulled us together so that we could work as a team. Senior Ashley Seybolt was also great help to us, as she put together our music.

All of us practiced as a group and at home. We helped each other learn and the entire experience was light and fun. It wasn’t about trying to America’s Next Dance Crew, it was about a group of us getting together to put on a performance that we enjoyed and made the audience laugh. There was no harsh training for us, instead, if someone got a move wrong, we all helped them get it right.

When the night of the talent show came around, we were all full of energy. Every one of us had different eras that we dressed from, and seeing each other made us so excited.

I was so nervous when I arrived at the school, so my fellow Jalapeno member and Senior Lauren Oh,  suggested we practice. We started to do a run through just the two of us and then ended up pulling the rest of the group to join us in our practice. Ms. Bennett approached us mid-dance and was amazed.

She said, “You all look fantastic!”

As the night went on, the anticipation for our performance grew. Everyone’s nerves went away and we were left with only excitement.

When we went on stage, we all had smiles on. The performance itself was all fun just like we wanted it to be. I for one, messed up several times, but it didn’t phase me. I simply continued on with the dance.

After our performance, we all walked off stage still cheering. I think it’s safe to speak for all of us when I say we all had an amazing time up on that stage.

When every other performance was done, everyone went out for the curtain call. This might have been just as exciting as performing the Evolution of Dance. All of the talent show participants decided we would do part of Journey’s Don’t Stop Believing as a glee number. Several of us got really into it and even danced a bit.

A few members of the Jalapeno’s, including me, were still at the front of the stage as the curtain began to fall. I remember looking up and seeing it slowly come down, so I called at everyone to get back. We all laughed and cheered as we walked off stage.

Being a part of Indian River’s second annual talent show is most certainly not something I regret. I had the time of my life, and the audience seemed to enjoy the whole show.