Why Did the Chicken Crossy the Road?

There should be some kind of 12-step program for this.  “Hi, my name is Bekka and I’m a Crossy Road addict…”

Have you ever played a game, and you just couldn’t put it down? Even though you continuously die and fail the level, you cannot help yourself. Well have you heard of the game “Crossy Road?” If you haven’t, maybe you were in a coma or living somewhere without electricity.  It is a new game that was released on November 20th, 2014, and has already been downloaded several million times across mostly mobile platforms (i.e., phones).

In both style and gameplay, Crossy Road is highly similar to the old Atari game we used to adore which was “Frogger.” You have multiple characters you can win and you can earn coins to purchase “gifts.” You have to jump across the roads they provide, but if hit by a car you die. If you go too slow you die, by an eagle coming and swooping you up and taking you away. If you jump into any water you die. Can you imagine the frustration? In the play store for Samsung devices it is rated 4.5 stars out of 5 all together. No matter how many time you die, you will not be able to put down your phone! Please be careful, you will lose precious hours, and time with your loved ones!

Don’t believe me? Go ahead and download the free app and try it out. If you have played the game before feel free to leave any reviews in the comments below.