Watertown Bus. Assoc. to Attempt Guinness World Record

You can help!


Courtesy of Morguefile user johninbkk.

So, turns out you can have FUN? with a few thousand of these?

Calling all basement dwellers! Watertown, New York needs your help to “pin” their spot in the Guinness Book of Records. The Watertown Downtown Business Association will attempt to break the world record for the longest safety pin chain that should average about 1.1 miles.

The fundraiser will take place on April 11, a day after Walter Hunt invented the safety pin in Watertown, New York. He stumbled upon the invention after a night of hopeless toiling with wire and other contraptions. After repeatedly coiling wire around itself he was able to successfully create a device that would clasp and unclasp. In the time period of one night, he made several models of the safety pin and soon after patented his creation. That day, April 10, is now dubbed International Safety Pin Day. He later sold the patent for $400, to pay off a $15 debt, and kept the rest.  Little did he know the company who bought the patent would make millions on it.

The current (standing) world record was placed in 2011 at Vancouver, Canada during The Greatest International Scavenger Hunt the Has Ever Seen (GISHWHES). The safety pin chain measured to a little over one-half mile at Central Park, Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada.

The proceeds of the fundraising event will benefit local charities, including The YMCA, The Salvation Army, and Watertown Urban Mission. Community members are encouraged to participate by acquiring approved safety pins from local drug stores, and connecting their own chain that will later be connected with other chains at the Veterans Memorial Riverwalk on April 11, to hopefully achieve the 6/10ths miles needed to break the standing record.

Show some pride in the North Country, and help Watertown earn a world record!