Two Arrested in Syracuse After Swallowing Balloons of Marijuana


Courtesy of Morguefile user larryfarr.

Can a balloon get you out of prison? Well…

A 28 year old woman, Tonette Mitchell, of Syracuse, was arrested after visiting an inmate at the Onondaga County lock-up on April 6th, 2015. Ms. Mitchell was allegedly caught passing an inmate (Curtis McLaurin)  a golf ball sized balloon filled with marijuana. When the two were approached by a guard, the inmate allegedly swallowed the balloon to prevent being cuffed and taken into custody…and then he started choking.  Emergency workers at Upstate University Hospital found out later the balloon had been filled with matches also, hard objects which no doubt made it difficult to swallow.

Most people cannot even imagine swallowing a golf ball sized balloon, let alone one that has a hard item in it. Ms. Mitchell was has been charged with a misdemeanor of promoting prison contraband and unlawful possession of marijuana.  McLaurin is in stable condition and should be returning to prison shortly. The question a lot would ask would be was it really worth it? The irony of being a visitor and then going to jail for breaking jail rules seems pretty bitter.

Observers are left wondering, how did she even get it through the checking before entering a the visiting area?  It is unclear from the Onandage police report, but I don’t really think anyone wants to know. How was McLaurin even expecting to get away with any of this? He couldn’t of smoked any of the weed without creating smoke which would set off detectors. Also he could have ruptured something in his body while swallowing the balloon, was it worth it to potentially die? We will never understand, America.