Who Really Wants Rand Paul Gear?


Rand Paul announced on Tuesday that he would be running for this upcoming year’s election.  “I don’t even know about Rand Paul,” David Decker responded when asked his opinion. Maybe you know of his father, Paul Ron, former Republican congressman and two-time Republican presidential candidate.  However, now it is time for his son to steal the some of the spotlight. Rand is a Republican as well and is currently a Senator from Kentucky.

After doing some research, it seems as though he is aiming his campaign to younger generations.  Paul is labeled as a libertarian and although he has his own traditional opinions, he plans on expanding rights for many minorities.  He is also an advocate of a laissez-faire sort of government, to not interfere as much in the daily activity of the average Joe.  In fact you can purchase a NSA spy cam blocker through his store.

And that’s not the only thing a little odd he’s got for sale.  (You thought this article was going in a more political direction didn’t you? Ha.)  On Rand’s official store website, he has your typical campaign gear ranging from the cliché bumper sticker to the got to have yard sign.  However, in addition to these boring products, there is a “Fun Stuff” category, and yes it means exactly what you think.  A $1,000 autographed copy of the United States Constitution… wait for it… pocket edition.

But wait there’s more.  You can also grab 12 “Rands on a stick” for $35 (an actual picture of his face on a stick), or if his face isn’t your cup of tea, a hand fan with the logo “I am a Rand fan.”  The puns continue into his footwear, where you can purchase “I stand with Rand” flip flops.”  You can’t see the Rand part when you’re actually wearing them, but

And don’t worry alcoholics, Rand’s got you covered.  “Unleash the Dream Beer Stein” mug and a set of wine glasses are also available.

Rounding out the odd store are Beats headphones skins, six different styles of phone cases, a giant $35 Rand birthday card, an eye chart, and two different types of real woven blankets.  This guy has thought of everything.

You would have thought this man was in his mid-twenties based off his store, and if that’s not enough for you, he has an Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube account.

The apple does not fall far from the tree, nonetheless, one would think the Paul family is all hoping for a win this time around.  However, maybe Ron might have one if there were bag toss games with his logo on them available for purchase…

Check out the store here.