Christy Mack’s Comeback

When Christy Mack looks in the mirror now, Mack says she looks in her eyes with her new glasses and says “It’s ok” and “They’re cute.” After weeks of Mack refusing to look in the mirror due to broken teeth and a misshaped mouth, Mack is finally on her way back to the new normal. Christy Mack, 23, once rocked the top of the adult film industry until she started dating and soon fell in love with MMA fighter Jon “War Machine” Koppenhaver. After meeting at a photo shoot, the two soon fell in love which quickly turned into an overpowering and abusive relationship.

Mack and Koppenhaver’s relationship started after meeting at a photo shoot. Mack was known for her work, and he was known for his MMA fighting. But, as Mack supported Koppenhaver cage side during his fights, she soon realized that Koppenhaver’s violence started to carry over from cage life to home life. Mack states in an article done with Jane McManus from ESPNW “He became abusive about four to five months in, but by that time I was totally in love with him”. Koppenhaver didn’t approve of Macks work, so Mack made compromises with him to “fix” things in the relationship, but as many domestic relationships go, compromises don’t mean anything.

After the relationship ended, started again, and ended again, Mack kept in touch with Koppenhaver. Mack was known for her curvy looks, many tattoos, and long black mohawk. On August 8th, 2014, Mack and a male friend were sleeping in her home, the night before a tattoo convention. Prosecutors say Koppenhaver held an old key to Mack’s home and allegedly woke Mack and Corey Thomas and began striking Thomas with his fists. In his testimony, Thomas said he was struck repeatedly and bit in the face by Koppenhaver before being placed in a chokehold. According to the prosecution, Koppenhaver then began punching Mack, causing her to lose consciousness at least once, and kicked her on the side of her body. Mack was left with 18 broken bones, a broken nose, multiple missing teeth, and a fractured rib. At some point, Mack says, Koppenhaver grabbed a knife and threatened her. For Koppenhaver, court documents outline 36 different charges against him, including attempted murder. Lastly, the long black mohawk Mack was known for was cut off by Koppenhaver with the dull edge of a knife he was holding.

For Mack, she’s mostly recovered and is returning to her normal self. After laying in a hotel bed, unable to see due to injuries, Mack says she’s okay with how she is now. For Mack’s future, she says shes done with the film industry, but plans on taking up other interests of hers. In her immediate future, she plans on getting a new and better tattoo to cover the old one that’s holding on to her past, one that says “Property of War Machine.” For Koppenhaver, he was soon fired from his company “Bellator”, and is set for trial in September.