She’s trading in her prom dress for a tux instead

Shes trading in her prom dress for a tux instead

Claudetteia Love a senior in high school who has never been a fan of dresses.

This year, her high school enforced a new rule that girls could only attend prom if they were wearing a formal dress. This didn’t sit right with Love because she is openly gay and planned to wear a custom made burgundy tux on her special night. She is a straight “A” student and has received a full ride college scholarship. Love feels that due to all her hard work thus far, she should be able to enjoy her prom night. She doesn’t feel as though she could do so if she wasn’t wearing on outfit in which she would be comfortable.

Love and her mother decided that they would fight for her right to be able to wear what she wanted to prom,  but when they addressed the principal with the issue he simply explained “girls wear dresses, boys wear tuxes and that’s the way it is.” Her mother called it “straight out discrimination”, and felt that the rule was “anti-gay”according to Today News.

The school received a call from the justice department and the school board president then said that he did not approve the new dress code.

Love has attained a victory and will now show up to prom with style in her custom made burgundy tuxedo.