Waka For President?


So Waka Flocka Flame for president? Yeah? How about no.

Let me just start off by saying, he’s not actually old enough to run for president. Waka is only twenty-eight; you must be thirty-five to run for president so regardless of what many articles say, this entire idea is a joke.

Let’s say for a moment that he really was going to run for president. I’m curious to see how many fans would actually vote for him simply to say that they did.

All he plans is to legalize weed, stop people with feet over the size 13 from walking the streets,  and make sure dogs are not allowed in restaurants, in fact that’s the FIRST thing he plans on doing.

He also doesn’t feel like suits are a necessary aspect of his presidency.

For some reason, there are many people who genuinely think he is running for president. While he does have a petition that he’s getting some 15,000 people to sign, he does not meet all requirements to run for president seeing as he is underage, by several years.

None of what he says he will accomplish are what you would expect or want a president to do such as taking America out of poverty, or getting the homeless off the streets. All we care about is legalizing marijuana and getting people with big feet off the streets apparently. Whats next? taking away all type of currency and just making it weed?

Either way, this entire thing is a joke. To be quite honest, while I personally find it amusing, I also find it a little ridiculous. It’s merely a way for Waka to gain more popularity than he has, because I’m sure he really needed more. But let’s just please the people and say Waka for president!