Kids Mutilating Themselves For The Internet…AGAIN

Have you heard of the Kylie Jenner challenge? Well, if you are on any sorts of social media you have heard about it–or worse, seen the results in your feed.

This stupid act starts off by finding a shot glass, plastic bottle, or anything small with a rounded top, and making the idiotic decision to ruin your face. You simply insert your lips into the opening, and suck.  What could go wrong?

For starters, getting rid of all the air inside the glass is just not a smart idea. The glass isn’t flexible, so with all the pressure it is possible the glass could break

Significant pain, swelling, and bruising can all occur from this challenge. If you repeat this challenge it is highly possible for your lips to permanently be stuck the way they swell up! There is also a good possibility that your lips can become so overly swollen that they begin to bleed. There has even be an account of one person’s lip ripping open.

The after effects of this will be bruising around your mouth where the shot glass was placed! The swelling can last up to hours, or even days. You basically end up looking like you have a hickey around your mouth, which most certainly is NOT cute.

With all the high risks of this challenge, and the many disgusting pictures, there are still an astounding amount of people who do it! Would you want to walk around with giant blue or purple swollen lips? If so, the Kylie Jenner lip challenge is the thing for you!