Mock Crash Demonstration Pictures 5/1/15


The staging of the Mock Accident comes every other year here at IRHS, to remind students in a very up-front way of the dangers of drinking and driving, or other “dumb decisions” people sometimes make behind the wheel.

Is drinking and driving really ever worth it?


Since there is no county morgue, local funeral directors come to collect all dead bodies.
Working on someone who is in very critical condition take teamwork. Firefighters, EMTs, and police, it takes everyone on the scene to help get it done.


Sometimes due to how bad the crash is, firefighters have to remove the roof, and doors of vehicles with the Jaws of Life or specialized saws.


When Misty Brown failed her sobriety test, they immediately put her under arrest.


Misty Brown preforming a sobriety test.


The first one on the scene, the sheriff, Checks to see how badly Noah LaClair and everyone else is injured.


When flight paramedics touch down, they work with the firefighters, police, and EMTS to help get the most critical patient to the hospitals.