Belinda or Bruce? Jenner’s Complicated Transition


Composite image via Anderson Graphics

Former Olympic athlete and current reality-TV dad Bruce Jenner, then and now.

Bruce Jenner has been stirring up some controversy, he is starting a new life as a woman, significantly he has even grown his hair out to fit the part, in his interview, Bruce took his hair out the pony tail as if leading to a brand new start. He hasn’t stated his new name as a female, claiming that when he is ready the world will know; But Windy Willams may have an idea like when she said something about Kylie Jenner, Bruce’s daughter. Stating “She’s 17, messing with a 25 year old, and she’s messing with her boobs, and her butt, and her face; Bruce has bigger things to worry about than turning into Belinda.”

Bruce even took Diane Sawyer into his closet space, where he had one separate closet for Bruce, and one for Belinda. He then went on to talk about how he has known that he was a female since he was a little boy, and how he would try on his mother’s clothes. Even his daughter Khloe walked in on him once wearing a dress.  Bruce just doesn’t have his step-daughters he altogether has 10 children with 3 separate woman, all whom found out, soon after marriage, his long-kept secret.

Bruce stated once that he went on estrogen and had gotten plastic surgery, but what stopped him was his two first born children, and when his children ask what do they call him, he simply says dad. He says out of all of his children Kim is the most supportive saying things like “You got to work it girl.” Now if confused about what Bruce likes in the sense of men or women, Bruce simply says “I like women.” Which made Ms. Sawyer confused, because is Bruce is technically still a man, wouldn’t that make him straight, but since he identifies as a woman, wouldn’t that make her a lesbian?

As time goes on fans will soon find out how Bruce transitions and the outcome, but for now we are left with many questions unanswered.