American Idol Announces Finale Season

American Idol was made famous in the early 2000’s with its quick ticket to Hollywood famedom. After a slow start, ratings shot through the roof with a rating as high as 36 million, allowing the Fox Network to capitalize above competitor networks. The show produced some of the greatest artist today including Kelly Clarkson, Adam Lambert, and Jordin Sparks. However, after 13 years and 14 seasons Fox is giving a curtain call with a season 15.

The show appealed to all demographics because young adults and older people were able to launch their impassioned singing career in just a few months. After the discovery of many teen pop idols they went on to encourage younger artists to audition. Most of the winners, and even fan favorites, debuted successful albums after their American Idol stents. Most notably, Kelly Clarkson who won the first season and is still making Billboard Music worthy albums 13 years later.

Other networks took notice of the reality singing competition success. Fox was able to mimic similar success of American Idol with the television show X Factor; the show produced British boy band One Direction under Simon Cowell management. NBC retaliated with America’s Got Talent, the show featured a wide variety of talent, but capitalized with singers flocking to catch their fifteen minutes of fame. The devastating blow, however, came with the premiere of NBC show The Voice, a blind audition where celebrity judges are unable see  the contestant and must critique them solely on their voice. This show appealed to those who were suspicious of biased voices based on physical beauty, also the fresh layout of the show rivaled with American Idol’s repetitive design.

In recent seasons, American Idol has failed in ratings- seeing only about 11 million viewers- thus they are cutting the show along with many other shows in an attempt to stay competitive with other networks.