Drunk Online Shopping! What Could Go Wrong?

If you are of of age, and have a phone AND you like shopping go ahead text the so-called Drunk Shopping app! This app is completely free to text, all you have to do is send “heyyyyyy” to (551)-333-7865. We here at Warrior Ink decided to test this.  The “service” responds asking who you are, and where you are from to know the time zone. It will seem as if it is a real person responding they will seem as if it is a friend of yours. While you’re intoxicated you will be most likely be more open to paying for some silly, ridiculous item if it seems that a friend is recommending it, or telling you to buy it.

If you are drunk, your judgement is already going to be out the window, especially if you last until the time they text you at 2 a.m. on Saturday night. They will ask if you’re awake, and ready to shop, and when you respond they will send you which ever offer they randomly choose. They send you offers of things you probably would not normally buy, sober or otherwise, such as a shirt with Nicholas Cage’s face pasted all over it, or a huge piano mat that you can play when you walk over it. The text will say “Oh it only cost $100,” because being intoxicated you won’t even second guess. Go ahead and sign up! Have fun, and careful spending.

Overall it seems like a powerful argument for young people to not have credit cards or access to Mom or Dad’s Amazon.