The Halloween Whopper: Should Food be “Scary?”

Zaria Swain, Editor in Chief

Burger King has recently been promoting their new “Halloween Whopper”. The burger buns are black and remind me of Spongebobs’s burnt Krabby Patties. They thought outside of the box and didn’t just stick with the regular old pumpkin-flavored desserts or halloween themed kids meal packaging.

Although the burger may not look very appetizing to some, the fast food chain says it has sold thousands across the U.S.

While any burger may not be as good as it looks in the advertisements, many people have reported that this Whopper in fact turns their poop green; “EWW’.  Its pretty ironic that the burger goes in black but supposedly comes out the other end a bright slime green. (maybe it adds to the festive Halloween theme.)  According to USA Today the reason for this abnormal reaction is due to the food coloring used on the buns. Burger King is definitely handing out more tricks than treats this year.

The buns are supposed to have smokey A1 sauce baked into them. This reporter has eaten A1 sauce on multiple occasions and never had experience with green poop. Does this mean that they are baking some other ingredient into their buns that is not A1 sauce?

Other than the green poop people’s reviews of the burger have been pretty good and the packaging of the little black (GREEN)  monster is very festive. It is wrapped in what seems to be a mummy.

According to a CNN Wire report, Burger King’s new black buns first originated in Japan.  They started selling them in Japan first, as part of a summertime promotion. They sold samurai burgers with black or red buns.

These burgers have 710 calories, 43 grams of fat, and 1.5 grams of trans fat; not that bad by fast-food standards, or for a pair of black buns.

The strange hashtag “green poop” began to trend with this promotion, with thousands of people saying they want to try the burger to see if their poop will turn green as well.  As side effects go, it is hard to say if such a toilet-focused aspect will actually help or hurt sales .