Toddlers and…Tears

Travis Davis, Staff Reporter

In today’s society, it can be argued that beauty is valued more than self-respect and individual intelligence. Worse, these standards are drilled into the minds of kids as young as three through beauty pageants they are forced to take part in. The mothers (and believe it or not, DADS!)  of these three-year-olds force their kids to take part in beauty pageants against their little wills. Instead of trying to show the mothers that their daughters are suffering, America has decided to make a TV show about it called “Toddlers & Tiaras.”

The show is about young girls (and sometimes young boys) being followed around by tons of cameras in the quest for tiaras, titles, trophies, and tons of cash. These beauty pageants are highly competitive, high-pressure situations, while the impression given is it’s more for the parents than it is for the kids. Usually when you see the girls crying, it isn’t always because they lost. Some of the time it’s because they’re tired and never wanted to do this in the first place. It’s even more upsetting for the parents whenever their child loses. True this may be because of the amount of money they just invested for their kid to win, but it shouldn’t be about the money; it should be about the experience.

Everything the girls are taught about beauty is a false version. They’re taught that if you are spray tanned, have fake teeth, hair, and eyelashes, and are caked in makeup, then, by society standards, you’re considered beautiful. It’s not just the makeup that’s outrageous about it all, but the outfits as well. A three year old girl should not be wearing short shorts, short skirts, or shirts that show their ‘cleavage’ (they’re like 3 years old and their parents use fake boobs), or anything that shows so much skin.

There is something highly disturbing about turning these small children into painted little dolls, or overtly sexual objects, and the long-term consequences of this activity promise to be terrible.