Album Review: Adele’s ’25’


Courtesy of Amazon (via Tribune News Service).

Promotional photo for Adele’s new record.

Tea Smith, Staff Reporter

Adele surprised us all when she released a new music video for the first single off her new album, 25, last month after a nearly five-year hiatus.  The album is currently breaking first week sales records set nearly ten years ago, despite the fact that it isn’t available on any streaming service.

Upon hearing that she was going to release new music, I was ecstatic.  I loved both her first two records and I had high expectations for this one.  I was not at all disappointed.

This album has the same melancholic sound that we have come to expect from Adele but also offers a newer sound that we have not heard from her. The track that opens the album and the lead single, “Hello,” has a very similar sound to her previous record, 21.  The track, like most of her previous work, is a vocally driven, emotional ballad with a piano accompaniment that will make you dwell on the past if you really listen to the lyrics.

The second track, “Send My Love (To Your New Lover),” on the record is drastically different from the first; it introduces a newer sound but still delivers the deep lyrical content that she exhibits on her first two records.  It was a great way to transition into the new sound she gives this record.

“I Miss You,” the third track on the record, offers a darker and even more melancholic sound than anything else on the record or on any record Adele has released.  Her vocals seem to get even more powerful and goosebump-inducing as the record plays on, it’s not until track six do we hear a track that stand out from the rest.  Straight away the track opens up with powerful lyrics that will make you think about a past relationship that still lingers, delivered with equal powerful vocals.  The next five songs that follow make the record as a whole one to listen to.

This record is easily one of the best that I have heard this year and has all the qualities that could make it equally or more successful than its predecessors.  Adele herself in numerous interviews has said that she was not looking to replicate her 2011 success with 21 but with this record she just might. 25 is a very raw, emotional record that is easy to relate to, it is worth listening to.