Do You Know Your Texting Etiquette?

Z Goodman, Staff Reporter

In this day and age cell phones are a huge part of most lives. Many people don’t believe they can get on with them. According to Arkadin Collaboration Services, as of January 2015, 97% of American adults had cellular devices. Meanwhile 63% of teenagers own a cell phone receiving a median of 60 texts a day (New York Times). With all of these texts comes the necessary etiquette. There are certain things that everyone who sends or receives texts should know and understand.

Teens interaction with friends

Tip #1: Do not reply with one word

When saying don’t reply with one word this does not include yes or no questions but things such as “yeah” “ohhh” or “wooww”. These things are hard to reply to and and if you want your conversation to have any chance of continuing don’t use them.

Tip #2: Do not reply to a text with a call

This is a huge no no in the texting world. Unless you have permission from the person you are texting don’t do it. You have no idea if the other person can’t talk on the phone at the moment. Don’t make it uncomfortable from them when they have to ignore your call

Tip #3: Do not overuse emojis

The overuse of emoticons  can either end in the person having no idea what you are talking about or flat out annoyance. One emoji at the end of a message is perfectly fine ( this excludes the laughing face emoji or emojis symbolizing distress).

Tip #4: Don’t start a conversation and take forever to reply

When texting be sure that you can make yourself available to text. If you’re busy just simply tell the person. Don’t leave them hanging.

Tip #5: Double/Triple/Quadruple texting is perfectly fine

Many people think it’s weird to text multiple times but in reality it’s just fine! However, this excludes say “Hey” or “Hi” continually don’t do that! If the person is not replying to your continual greetings stop! Otherwise if you’re just informing the person about your day or something else that may interest them, go ahead, text on!

Tip #6: LOL and HAHA

If they are used too much the conversation can get awkward and dead-end really quickly. Know when not to use them and when it’s okay to use them.  Replying to a long paragraph with nothing but “HAHA” is nearly guaranteed to offend your correspondent.

Tip #7: Set the tone

Don’t leave the person you are texting not knowing how you’re feeling when texting. It is harder to do this while texting but it is essential in order to keep a conversation healthy and lively.

Tip #8: Have fun with it!

Texting is meant to be fun and light. Yes, there are a few rules that need to be followed but don’t let it stress you out. The way I see it texting is all about a good time with etiquette Enjoy your texting with all of your newly learned etiquette. Happy Texting!

Tip#9: Things that should NEVER be text messages

Breaking up is hard to do, but doing it by text is just much ruder than necessary. Unless there is a restraining order in place, you should have the guts to make the break face to face.