Year in Review: #ForgottenAlbums2015


Cover image courtesy of Amazon.

Tea Smith, Staff Reporter

In 2015, the music world saw the release of many good albums. Some of these albums did well commercially but there were many that did not do so well. These albums were just overlooked and forgotten even if the artist had previous success with other albums or a large fan following.

Jazmine Sullivan, Reality Show

Sullivan has had several hit singles in her career including “Bust Your Windows,” “Lions, Tigers, & Bears,” and “10 Seconds,” so it’s shocking that after coming out of her musically hiatus this year her album did not  garner any hype from fans. The albums was received well by critics and even charted well so why has anyone heard about it?

Ne-Yo, Non-Fiction

Despite releasing singles from the album like “She Knows” and “Time of Our Lives,” that charted really well and had a good amount of playtime on the radio people seem to forget that the album even exists.  The album still peaked at number five on the Billboard 200, even though hardly anyone knows about it.

Vanessa Carlton, Liberman

It is not surprising that everyone missed this one; the only song people seem to know by Carlton is “A Thousand Miles” which was released over a decade ago.  Even with a promotional tour in the US and Canada, this album gained no attention from listeners so it comes as no surprise that it did not do so well in the charts.

Adam Lambert, the Original High

Lambert saw success after his stint on American Idol, finishing as the runner-up on the shows eighth season. The album debuted at number 3 on the Billboard 200 but did sell many copies, only about 47,000 units were sold this includes streams and tracks.  With sales like that, it is not shocking that the album is basically unheard of.  

Jordin Sparks, Right Here Right Now

Sparks has had several hits over the course of her career including songs like “No Air” and “Tattoo” and achieved success with her two studio albums Jordin Sparks and Battlefield. Rich Here Right Now just missed the mark commercially unlike its predecessors so that’s probably why it just flew by our radars. It did not do well on the charts, only coming in at number 161 on the Billboard 200.