Awesome Upcoming Movies of 2016


Courtesy Tribune News Service.

Ryan Reynolds as “The Merc with a Mouth,” the infamous Deadpool.

DeShawn Smith, Staff Reporter

The moment we have all been waiting for, new movies of 2016 that we have all been waiting for. By releasing more superhero movies marvel leads the way through 2016. If the movies are half as good as Avengers: Age of Ultron, then we are in for a treat.

A couple of movies from marvel that are coming out are:

Deadpool: a mercenary who use to be Special Forces that underwent experiments which left him with accelerated healing powers. As an enemy to Spiderman this should be an exciting film to watch.  The big buzz around this movie is the fact that the studio apparently is departing from the “keep it PG-13” formula used by most superhero movies.  Fanboys around the globe point out that ‘Pool is a killer

X-Men: Apocalypse. Who doesn’t enjoy watching the X-Men movies. This movie is about the very first mutant, Apocalypse, who plans to exterminate the world and the X-Men have to become a team and stop him from world doom.

Captain America: Civil War. The first two Captain America movies have failed to disappoint lets hope this one does the same. In this movie Captain America and fellow Avenger Iron Man start to become discriminant to each other because of Political Interference.

Marvel is throwing out all these movies, so the question is what is DC doing. Well they are coming out with Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice. Batman is not played by ex-Batman, Christian Bale, but is now played by ex-Daredevil Ben Affleck. Well the title says all, the story is between Batman and Superman to determine the Hero the people really need.

These movies should make 2016 very exciting, but if you do not enjoy superheros don’t be sad because there are plenty more movies that are sure to amaze.

To all the people that know that Finding Nemo was one of the greatest kids movies ever. Well the moment we have all been waiting for is finally here. Finding Dory is hitting the theaters this year which will be very exciting. The movie is about Dory finding her family and learning what family is about.

Suitable for family viewing, The Jungle Book is a classic story of an orphan boy that is raised in the jungle by wolves, a panther, and a bear.

Ride Along 2, if you like comedy this will be the choice for you. Any movie featuring Kevin Hart and Ice Cube could never go wrong.

The Legend of Tarzan is about Tarzan going back to the jungle to investigate a mining encampment . This movie features actor Samuel L. Jackson which I hope is a good sign that the movie will be worth watching.

With all these movies coming out this year, the year will surely slide with ease. Action, comedy, adventure, and animation, many different choices but try to watch them all.