Questionable Super Bowl Ads

Tea Smith, Staff Reporter

Super bowl commercials do not seem to lack in creativity; as the years go by they progressively get stranger. The commercials this year were entertaining, to say the least; they caught the audience’s attention, and not in an “I want to go out and buy this product” sort of way.

A commercial for product Mountain Dew Kickstart was broadcasted to millions. The commercial starts of seemly normal, three guys sitting on a couch watching television and in walks one of the most horrifying creatures to grace television screens一 PUPPYMONKEYBABY. Not sure why Mountain Dew would think that is suitable way to advertise a drink. The idea that the commercial was supposed to persuade viewers to purchase the drink just seems ridiculous. The combination that makes up puppymonkeybaby are adorable separately, together? Not so much. If that was the company’s way of trying to tell us that the combination of three great things makes an even greater thing, they completely missed the mark. The ad was more terrifying than cute.

An ad released by the NFL that features Seal and a choir was shown during the super bowl. Now that doesn’t sound bad when it is described that way. The choir and Seal’s voices were beautiful in the ad until you realize that the choir are in fact singing about the year, or rather the super bowl, they were conceived. The commercial gets more uncomfortable by the second. The commercial was done to commemorate the 50th super bowl, and what better way to do that than having a choir of “super bowl babies” sing about their parents celebrating victory.

Heinz debuted it’s newest ad during the super bowl. The ad opens with a shot of dachshunds, weiner dogs, dressed as hotdogs running in slow motion in a beautiful field. It was all very cute until we are shown a shot of people, whom the dogs are running towards, dressed as condiments. The commercial could have took a disturbing turn after that but thankful it did not. The commercial seemed pointless and did not really advertise the product.

Advertising for companies are getting more ridiculous by the year. It’s like they are trying to out weird each other and simultaneously creepy the audience out.