Reactions to New Facebook ‘Reactions’

Zaria Swain, Editor In Chief

Social media is a big part of the lives of many Americans in this era. Although it may stir up a great deal of conflict it still seems to wow us and consume our lives more and more each day. the reason behind the growth of social media programs such as, Snapchat and Facebook is its continuous updating that grabs the attention of their users and makes using these programs more amusing.

Snapchat has held the attention of their users because it is continually updating its picture and video filtering software. Users can now enhance their picture and videos with a wide variety of cool effects. Some of these include being able to slow down or increase the speed of your videos, playing videos backwards, and the most recent and seemingly most popular effect allows users to make themselves look like dogs . The new dog effect is appearing all over instagram as frequent Snapchat users are saving their snaps and uploading their picture on instagram.

Most recently, Facebook has updated their website by allowing their users the ability to do more than just like their favorite statuses and posts. Now, instead of just hitting the boring old like button other people can know how you really feel about what they post because there is a featured set of emojis that allow you to like, live haha, be sad, wowed or angry about what is being posted and pops up on your Facebook timeline.

Apparently, the new Facebook feature has been under testing for months now. Before it struck the United States, it was tested in other parts of the world such as, Spain, Ireland, Japan, and Portugal. The feature wasn’t able to be used in the U.S. until Wednesday. The activation of these emojis seems to be super easy, all you have to do is hold the original like button until the other available emojis pop up and you are free to choose which ever emoji fits your mood.The central idea behind this new update is to enable their users to express exactly how they feel about a particular post without being subjected to only clicking the like button.