Fishing for Scammers: MTV’s “Catfish” visits Watertown


Promotional image (screenshot from Season 4).

Nev and Max from MTV’s “Catfish.”

Zaria Swain, Editor in Chief

The MTV television show “Catfish” has recently become increasingly popular, having survived five seasons. The show was created as sequel to a documentary that was made by the producer of “Catfish” the TV show Nev Schulman. In his documentary, he made a surprisingly large epidemic known as ‘catfishing’ more familiar to people from all over the United States.

While he documented his story he had his dear friend and camera Max Joseph there who is also a big part of Catfish the TV show. Catfishing is when two people interact over social media but have never met in person or even had an opportunity to video chat. Usually; someone ends up getting extremely heart broken because someone turns out not being who they claimed to be. These online relationships can last for months and in some cases years. In his television series Nev along with the help of Max try to help a lot of people find out if the person they have been talking to online is the person they pretend to be.

On Tuesday morning it became known that Nev and Max will be filming a episode in the small city of Watertown, NY. Both Nev and Max made a pit stop in a local store in Watertown called Thrifted, which is located on Court St. They even took a picture with the store Alisha Tillson and they left an autographed business card. The owner says that MTV contacted her a week before their appearance to let her know that Nev and Max would be dropping by her shop.

Tillson explained to reporters how hard it was to keep their arrival a secret for a whole week. She said that neither one of the host provided her with any information about what the episode they are filming in Watertown is about.

It has also been reported that the show is not scheduled to appear on television for a while.  Television post-production times are not something commonly known by Watertown residents.  Got a question about ice-fishing?  We got that covered.

Ms. Tillson posted the picture she took with Nev and Max on Facebook and got hundreds of likes, shares, and comments. News of her “brush with fame” in a small area like this one spreads rapidly and soon lots of people knew about their visit to Watertown.