Creative and Clever “Promposals”

Making everything prom-related that much harder?

Zaria Swain, Editor In Chief

Do you already have a prom date? Most seniors and in some cases juniors are getting ready to attend prom across the country. As if it’s not hard enough to find a dress; the stress of finding a prom date seems to be #struggleisreal for most of us.  

Some people ask their dates by just sending out a simple text or tweet while others get creative and come up with the most thoughtful and clever promposals. From cars filed with post it notes and posters that say things like “Don’t make me go solo (spelled out in red Solo cups), PROM?” These sorts of promposals are sure to make your potential prom date laugh out loud.

Then there are more heart-felt sayings such as “I love you to pieces ( Reeses Pieces)” or “You will make this night Extra special (Extra gum)”. These types of promposals will definitely earn you some ‘Awws”. There are even corny promposals for the student athlete; “Can I score a date with you at prom?” or “It is my goal to make you my prom date,” and “Let’s have a ball at prom.” Any one of these may help you score a date to prom, but just make sure your date hasn’t seen this article, you copycat.

Promposals have become especially popular in this generation. Videos and pictures of the cutest promposals have been trending on social media; there is even a Snapchat filter to help you find that perfect prom date and ask them to help make your night one to remember. The more time and effort put into making your promposal a memorable moment for your date; the better your chance to make the person you really want to spend prom with say yes. Promposals are happening all over the U.S., and creative minds are blowing up Pinterest, helping make this trend more popular.

Another popular promposal that seems to be on the rise this year is that popular or very respected members of the student body are asking classmates with special needs to prom. Many see this as a very courageous and selfless gesture which shows that they are willing to give people that may be overlooked a chance to have a good time at an event that they probably did not think they would be able to attend.