Another Week, More Embarrassing Twitter Fails


Courtesy Tribune News Service

Keyshia Cole (from the last time she was on WORLD tour…sigh…)

DeShawn Smith, Staff Reporter

You would think people would know how to spell after going to school for six or more years. Even after all the schooling, people still make dumb mistakes, that show little to no signs of schooling. We see it a lot on social media, especially on Twitter.

Celebrities and people all around the world make themselves look like unintelligent beings. Tweets have been getting out of control and also pretty disgraceful.

With Holocaust Remembrance Day passing, this first tweet would disgrace the day forever. Christian Holland tweeted, “Why ya’ll acting like the world just now gettin messed up? What about slavery? The hall of cost? Pick up a book.” No Christian. You need to pick up a dictionary.

Keyshia Cole, famous singer, said the following on twitter, “On my way to London!! This should be exciting!!! I won’t miss the lights on the Eiffel Tower…” The Eiffel Tower really? That is definitely still in France.

Queensxht, user’s twitter name, said someone “need to sit his meaty oaker *ss down.” Mediocre woman. IRHS sophomore Zenobia Goodman said, “This is my favorite one. People these days are just embarrassing themselves.”

Another tweet posted on Twitter, from unknown, said, “If Donald Trump becomes president I’m leaving America and moving to Alaska.” FYI: Alaska is still part of the United States. You are not running away from Donald Trump like this.

Trisha on Twitter said, “I rather kill myself than commit suicide.” Is there a special word for self-destruction on social media?

Never has so much stupidity been broadcast so far or so fast. Our society is making fools of themselves by saying things they clearly do not understand.  It is too easy easy–how can you mess up simple things and turn it into an uneducated tweet? Shaking my head only begins to cover it. People say things out loud that are not real bright, but posting it on social media is just plain dumb. Once you post something on social media, it stays there forever and you will forever be known as the person who doesn’t know what you are talking about.

Before you post something on social media, I advise you to fact check it and to spell check it. Hall of cost is Holocaust, the Eiffel Tower is in Paris, France, it’s mediocre and not meaty oaker, and Alaska is part of America.

Check yourself before you wreck yourself.