‘Finding Dory’ Travels New Waters for Disney

Zaria Swain, Editor in Chief

The wonderful world of Disney is broadening its horizons. As was rumored, it has been confirmed that the new Disney Pixar movie “Finding Dory” will show a lesbian couple. This has triggered a good amount of media tension and has sparked the interest of many. 

Disney’s relationship to sexual politics is a long and complex one; in the early 1990s, their corporate policy was considered downright homophobic.  But the company has since become a leader in anti-discrimination policies and social outreach.

As this sequel to Finding Nemo has already accumulated lots of anticipation, the two minute trailer created even more hype as it seems to have featured a lesbian couple. It has been said that many people have been encouraging the company to incorporate some sort of LGBT awareness. Although it is not exactly definite that the two female octopus characters are a couple; it is a possibility and has created more publicity of the upcoming release. Once the news hit Twitter lots of fans responded positively and have been tweeting and retweeting about how excited they are to see what will come of Finding Dory. As of right now no one knows what to expect, but it seems that many are hoping to view this lesbian couple on the big screen.

Many are excited that this will be Disney’s first appearance of a lesbian couple, but in fact, episode twenty-six of the Disney Channel show Good Luck Charlie was the debut of their first lesbian couple. The names of the female partners were Susan and Cheryl and they showed up at the Duncan house and were warmly greeted by mom Amy and dad Bob. Many kids look up to these Disney characters and are greatly influenced by them.

This unexpected turn is viewed as a positive for many, as they see it as an opportunity to learn about other sexual cultures and see that although male and female partnerships are seen most regularly that they are not always what makes a fairytale.

Finding Dory is set to premiere on June seventeenth and there is expected to be sold out cinemas all over the United States.The media attention of this movie is going to add to the number of people who go out to see the movie on its release date. The hype behind this movie is outrageous and the thought of lesbian characters makes it all more interesting.