IRHS Needs a “Life 101” Class For Seniors


Cheyenna Snyder, Staff Reporter

As a senior at Indian River High School I ask myself a lot am I ready for adulthood? Has my school taught me all the essentials I need to succeed in life after high school?

Although I do have a lot fun at finding the slope of line by using y=mx+b or learning that a sonnet has 14 lines and ten syllables in each one but is this helping me at all ?

 If I’m not going to be a poet or a geometry teacher, am I gonna use any of this in my adulthood ?

I believe each school should have a class that all seniors must take in order to graduate. This class teaches you your basic survival and life skill that you will use in life.

A “Life 101” class if you will.

In this class you’d learn how to change a tire, how to file your taxes, and a system for budgeting and paying bills…so thatwhen the switch on your wall doesn’t make light appear when you flip it up, you’ll know if you need to check the breaker, or that you haven’t paid the Electric bill in awhile. You know, simple but important stuff.

Many students that have graduated high school shortly after have had a reality check and learned life isn’t all sunshine and rainbows.

Schools are becoming more focused on making you find a job you want pursue and create a plan to do that but not teaching you what to expect after high school.

Many schools have classes where they teach you how to make microwavable bacon or how to take care of a plastic baby which are so very helpful, but what if I was stuck in the wilderness without a lighter?  I don’t know about you but I don’t know how to start a fire without one.

You might say well what are the chances of you being stuck out in the wilderness in the first place and that’s a fair point, but how about learning something that will happen to you no matter what.

Like making good financial decisions and personal finance. Knowing how to get a lower interest rate on money you borrow, knowing about retirement programs, or when’s the right time to make a down payment on something.

Or how not to get screwed by contracts, i.e., knowing when someone is trying to get you to “sign your life away.”

And one of my favorite topics sex ed. Instead of saying “sex is bad for you, don’t have sex” (or “if you have sex you will die” from America’s favorite movie, “Mean Girls”) let’s teach students proven disease prevention methods and all legal birth control options.