Netflix Declares ‘Candy Capitals’ of Halloween

Netflix Knows, Man

Big Data is making life interesting.

Composite image by Anderson Graphics.

Big Data is making life interesting.

Dylan Fairooz, Staff Reporter

The American entertainment company, known as Netflix said that Watertown, New York was one of America’s top “Candy Capitals.”  But how does the streaming site know this?

Netflix took a study on how many times on October 31 formally known as Halloween did their consumers pause their programs.  The data released is from last year, but has some interesting implications.

NY Universal Press called it the “Pause and Effect” they said that Netflix was assuming that their customers were pausing their TV shows and their movies to answer ringing doorbells and hollering kids.

The Watertown Daily Times said that the  company explained that the pause rates increased 30 percent on Halloween reaching its peak at 7:30.

Tallahassee, Florida had the highest number of pauses per hour. Behind that was Binghamton, New York, then Watertown entering in fourth according to NYUP.  Lima, Ohio and Hattiesburg-Laurel, Mississippi were tied for fifth place.

Since Halloween is on a Monday this year. The pause rates might go up even further because of the fact that kids have to go to school the next day.