Funny Gifts Make Holidaze Happier


Emily Martinez, Staff Reporter

With Christmas coming up around the corner ideas for gifts are limiting. If humorous gifts are apart of what makes the gift personally from you, then these ideas will make your Christmas.

If clothing is a kind of gift you give, then consider giving the World’s Largest Underwear. They fit up to three people at a time. Truly the perfect thing to wear (outside your pants) to that “Ugly Sweater” party.  There is also a ‘The Wifi is down!’ tee for only $16 on

Is there such a thing as too many mugs? If not, there are plenty of mugs to give. A camera lens mug can always be funny. Drinking coffee out of the mug near someone who owns a camera will always have them at a scare. And there is always a toilet mug! Because why not have a laugh in the morning. You would be drinking out of a toilet. Know anyone who always says they are ‘resting their eyes’ but in reality they’re sleeping? There’s a mug for that too, for only $9.99! Haven’t had enough coffee? There’s a big mug for that, it states “I like BIG mugs and I can not lie.”

Need to get some kids gifts too? There’s presents for that. A known toy for kids is a nose flute! It’s really cheap it that’s the way you’re looking for it. Know a kid who never wants to brush their teeth and loves sweets? Give them a toothpaste that tastes like cupcakes for only $5.99. Any kids known to staying to themselves? Don’t worry encouragement cards are made to teach them about social lives.

Know a teen and don’t know what to give them? Clothes! Teens love clothes. In need for sweaters? There’s a sweater that states, “I’m sorry for what I said when I was hungry.” And also, “The bags under my eyes are designer”.  And always one that states, “livin la vida broka”. Not every teen has a job, so why not state it on a sweater. And why not tees? Some tees state “nap queen” another states, “I’m an adult” –don’t all teens act like grown adults?

If you are a little bit crafty and little bit snarky, why not try DIY money soap?  You can find directions on Pinterest.  Done right, you can make the person wait weeks to find out it was only ten bucks!