Holiday Gifts For Teen Girls Aren’t That Difficult

Some free advice for parents, grandparents, and even clueless boyfriends

Meghan Koerick, Staff Reporter

The Christmas season is coming up and many parents are wondering what to buy their teenage daughter because there are many options when looking for a gift for a teen girl.

Electronics: in case you didn’t know teens (of any gender, really) love electronics. Many teen girls enjoy talking and communicating with friends so the newly released iPhone 7 would definitely suit those wants. That iPhone could also be paired with an Apple watch to track and monitor their health. If those are too pricey, teen girls also love taking pictures, so why not let them do that with a classic Polaroid camera which costs around 100 dollars.

Beauty: makeup is something that most teen girls really enjoy. Anything from makeup brushes to a Kylie Cosmetics gift is something a teen girl would love. Kylie Cosmetics is a company run by Kylie Jenner that sells lip kits, eye-shadow pallettes and all other kinds of makeup. Lush cosmetics is a company that makes natural handmade products. Any teen girl would love a bath bomb or makeup that is all about benefiting your skin using natural products without condoning animal testing. Places like Walmart, Target often have the best prices on cosmetic products, but also check out the Ulta Beauty store off Arsenal Street. 

Accessories: they usually make a girl smile. Alex and Ani bracelets are personalized with a charm that pertains to something the person enjoys anything from sports to music or food to animals. A simple scarf or headband would also make a great stocking stuffer. If you have a small budget even cheap jewelry that can be purchased on Amazon like chokers, or earrings make amazing gifts. [Some girls are sensitive to nickel, a metal often used in low-cost jewelry, so if in doubt, select something nickel-free–Ed.]

Clothing: it is definitely a need but if you purchase the right styles it will easily become a want. Purchase clothing for your teen based on existing things they like from places like Hollister or Forever 21–but don’t think you have to spend a lot of money on clothes. Places like Forever 21 tend to have a lot of clothes in the clearance section and Hollister frequently have jeans on sale as low as $25–just don’t forget to include the receipt in the box of gift bag in case you guess from on the size.

There aren’t many teens who wouldn’t like a gift card, and regular old cash isn’t a bad gift to give if you are not sure what to buy them (we always need money). Gift cards to places like Aeropostale or Charlotte Russe  are a great gift to give a teen. If you think they would be interested in makeup get them something like an Ulta gift card but if you have no clue what they would like just go with money in a card.