How Crazy Rich People Spend Their Holiday Money

aka, Fantastic Gifts and Where to Find Them – Billionaire Edition


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The fact that this is even a thing?

Mattylynn Dusharm, Staff Reporter

Dinner on top of an iceberg?  If you have the cold hard cash, you can try it.

Michelle Moquins shopping list for Christmas is extraordinary. She’s browsing auction websites and speaking to luxury dealers.

Moquin states, “I have gifts that are anywhere from $10,000 to a few million dollars, depending on the client.” Moquin works and lives in the San Francisco Bay area and she’s a full time shopper and stylist. The majority of her clients are very wealthy, at least billionaires.

She states, “There are some differences between people in their twenties with new ‘techie’ money, opposed to older gentlemen, a lot of tech people aren’t used to money and they’re wanting to show off how much they can spend — the older clients are not as flashy, and more [concerned] about the uniqueness of the gift.”

For many billionaires and millionaires personal shoppers are a necessary service–they may be cash rich but are often “time poor,” and the use of luxury concierge and custom shopping services has risen over the last decade.

This is the most efficient way to get gifts so they have enough time to focus on their businesses as well. When entrepreneurs are start to see income far beyond what they could normally spend, start to realize what their strengths are.

Apparently, Warren Buffett’s 2013 income broke down to $1.54 million an hour, every day approximately $25,694 a minute, and Mark Zuckerberg’s was $1.27 million per hour, or $21,135 per minute…and every time someone uses Facebook, Zuckerberg’s number inches a little higher.

Luxury shopping covers everything when it comes to luxury traveling to private jets and schools for the rich, but Christmas is the time when everything gets better from there.

Christmas season is really busy when it comes to Concierge service Quintessentially, they always try to keep ahead of everything. Jack Brander states, “Our job is to remind clients of things we don’t sit back and wait for the phone to ring, we’re proactive”. He is the USA director of gifts. Quintessentially are all known for their crazy encounters,  from closing Sydney Harbour Bridge for a wedding proposal to arranging a romantic dinner on an iceberg.