Woman Becomes Jeopardy Champion While Dying of Cancer

Cheyenna Snyder, Staff Reporter

Everyone’s heard of or watched the famous trivia show  known as Jeopardy, with host Alex Trebec.

What’s shocking though is their recent champion Cindy Stowell died at the age of 41 on December 6, 2016, just a week before she would’ve been able to see her victory on television.

Cindy Stowell had stage four colon cancer at the time the shows were recorded, and only a few of the show’s staff members and the host knew, none of her competitors were aware.

Since Stowell started recording on August 31st, at press time we only know that (on the aired episodes) so far she has won $62,001.  All the money is going to a cancer research institution so no one has to go through what she had to, says her boyfriend Jason Hass.

Hass also said “she knew she wasn’t going to be around , and so she felt so she felt like the best she could do was try to help what she could to help get to a cure faster.”

As many fans adore her she can’t adore them back but that doesn’t stop them cheering her on from home and on social media.

Jeremy Pond says on Twitter “looking for a champion? See Cindy Stowell. You don’t have have to be an athlete to earn a that label. Amazing woman.”

Derek Kuhn, a Senior here at Indian River High School said, “that’s crazy, my mom watches that show and I saw her on it and didn’t even know she was dead. It’s inspirational to watch something like that on TV. I hope she keeps on winning!”

It certainly seems that Stowell is a hero to a lot of people.

@GoodKingWencesLiz posted “Cindy Stowell took down a 7-day champ, while on painkillers, suffering from stage IV cancer & a high fever. Bow down to the queen.”

And another fan posts says “in a horrible year like 2016, i’m so happy to see that this inspiring story will continue on. we love you cindy… keep on winning.”

It was Stowell’s dream to be on Jeopardy, so stay tuned to the champion next week to see if she wins again.  You can catch the show on weekdays on WWNY-DT CBS Watertown, 7 NEWS at 7:00PM.