Plenty of Horror in Store in 2017

(and we aren’t talking about politics!)

Mattylynn Dusharm, Staff Reporter

There was so many good horror films that came out this past year [2016] so I can’t even begin to imagine how outstanding they will be this year.

A new year is always exciting, especially when it comes to new movies coming out. If you’re a big horror fan, you will not be disappointed with the new horrors films that await.  Two icons are getting new treatment.

Stephen King’s It

They will be remaking the famous Stephen King’s It, and it’s going to be in theatres on September 8th. Jonathan Barkan stated in writing “The 1990 version of it isn’t very good at all.” So they decided to remake it into a better movie with better graphics and more realistic features. Therefore everything he wrote related back to a big hand full of people because that’s how they feel about the film as well.

John Squire’s stated “It’s a great story told pretty damn poorly by the adaption. And as good as Tim Curry was as Pennywise, and as good as Tim Curry was played as Pennywise, even he couldn’t save it.”

Friday the 13th

The Friday the 13th movies have been on and off for quite some time now. So a lot of people are doubting it already because of how many sequels there are to the original film. But the movie is going to start being worked on this coming spring, and that’s not to far away, so Paramount is pretty much ready to get started with everything.

And maybe you’ve forgotten, but you have already read on this site about Saw: LEGACY.