Warrior Ink’s Career Day Survey Results


Zana Healy

Students at one of the Career Day sessions.

Zana Healy and Brittney Baker

On Friday, March 24th 2017, Indian River High School had about 57 members of various professions here giving presentations to students about Careers.

We here at Warrior Ink have asked a handful of our fellow classmates and teachers to fill out a survey about their Career Day experience. At the end of the survey, we asked for permission to use their names along with their words in this article.  Of the more than 50 responses, many students preferred to remain anonymous.

Participants answered the following five questions in short answer format: What sessions did you attend on Career Day? Which session was your favorite? Which was least favorite? Overall, did you have a positive or negative experience in the presentations you attended? Did you feel Career Day was a good use of your time? Anything you found interesting about the presentations you attended, or anything else you would like to add?

According to the survey, students and teachers had an overall positive experience, although there were still some negative experiences.

One positive experience that was had by student Alexandra Rodriguez was in the Air National Guard presentation.  Alexandra states that it was positive because, “It helped on seeing some insight to my future opportunities.”

Another positive experience that was had by a teacher Mr. Kenyon was in the Chef presentation. Mr. Kenyon helped Mr. Maphey in his Chef presentation. Mr. Kenyon states, “The presentation taught a lot about the field of culinary arts,” and the presentation was “quick and informative” and “ran smoothly and was well organized.”

All of Mr. Maphey’s sessions were packed, possibly due to the rumors of food; however one does not expect “free samples” in a chat about plumbing or, God forbid, animal management.

A third positive experience in the Chef presentation was had by a student, Fox Richardson who stated that “I did the same presentation last Career Day so none of it was new information but it gave me an insight to what it would be like to be a chef ” and “I’d have to say I would do it for a living.”

One negative experience that was had by a student Amelia Nutter was in the child care. “I had a good experience, except in child care because we were told how babysitting (which I do often) isn’t “real” child care and she told us tennagers are just lazy and addicted to technology.”

Another negative experience a student had was by Marissa McDonald, who stated “I feel it would be better if we actually got to have more time with the people, but other than that it stressed me out and messed up my mind set for the rest of the day.”

A third negative experience was had by Abbigail Wulf, who stated about the therapy presentation “I had mixed feelings because I wasn’t interested in that specific field that they presented about.”

Overall, Career Day at Indian River High School seemed to be a success and will hopefully continue to be a tradition of the school.