Desperate Steer Attempt Escape From Slaughter

Jasmine Davis, Staff Reporter

On Monday April 3, six steer escaped certain death at a St.Louis slaughterhouse and are now getting a new lease on life.

During a five hour “bid for freedom” on Thursday which not only included crashing through an iron fence, but also dodging police and animal patrol cars these steer fought hard for their lives.

These six steer, including one now named Chico, were awaiting death at the Star Packing Co. and had been there several days waiting to die.

After their daring dash for freedom, they were caught in the end and returned to the slaughterhouse.

But angry protesters and feuding groups fought to save the steer from their certain doom upon recapture.

On April 3 these animals were given the second chance they fought for. This rescue was the result of a crowdfunding page that raised over $16,500 to help Chico and his friends regain their freedom.

Chico and his friends were picked up and will now be staying on an area farm for the next few weeks and will then make a trip to Tennessee.

Once in Tennessee, the steer will hopefully be staying at the land owned by The Gentle Barn Animal Sanctuary where they will graze freely.

The group opposes purchasing animals from slaughter due to them being “ransoms” so they pressured the company to donate the animals instead.

Originally only Chico was negotiated for with $1800, but later it was decided that his five fellow escapees could join him.

The sanctuary has locations in both Tennessee and California and specializes in taking in abused, neglected animals that are often deemed too old or too sick.

The barn is home to many goats, pigs, horses, cows, donkeys, chickens, sheep, llamas, emus, peacocks, and even cats and dogs.

The co-founder, Jay Weiner, says that it is the organization’s intent to keep the steer and allow them a good long happy life.

While the rest of the rescue money will keep them fed for a while, steer can’t eat good intentions. If unable to keep them, the steer will remain together and relocate to another quality animal sanctuary.

These steer are a little over two years old and are now expected to have a lifespan of ten to fifteen years now that they’ve escaped death.