“As You Like It”: IHRS Students Perform Shakespeare Classic

Dominique Torrez, Contributor

All the world’s a stage, and Indian River’s Drama Club are merely players…

Whether you agree with William Shakespeare or not, the first step to having an opinion is actually understanding his writing. Such has been the life of Indian River’s drama club as they’ve prepared their fall show, As You Like It. While many schools have English requirements of works like Romeo and Juliet or Julius Caesar,  As You Like It is not one students are normally exposed to, let alone attempt to perform.

Seasoned performer Justin Nadal (Orlando de Bois) remarks, “Performing Shakespeare is pretty rewarding. It is a difficult process but the show turns out amazing when everything is put together.” Fellow cast mate Hannah Bajakian (Celia/Aliena) agrees, “It sucks and most of it is gibberish but somehow you end up falling in love with it because it deals with nothing but human nature. Shakespeare was a wizard.”

This production is directed by IR’s theater personnel Kristie Fuller and Elaine Finley, with an enchanted set created by Mr. Alec Walsh. Their leadership has assisted the cast in easing their toes into the world of Shakespeare. “…Being able to conquer Shakespeare has helped build my confidence a lot…it has been a positive experience all around,” remarks senior Maria Miller (Phoebe).

Actors and directors alike have put in hours of research towards the show: they’ve viewed multiple different versions and interpretations, helped one another work through the script, and even attended a private workshop with Mr. Bob Moss, a Shakespeare veteran, at Le Moyne University. The cast also looks forward to being ajudicated for their work on opening night.

As You Like It is a lively romantic comedy, filled with iconic one liners and intricate plots. The Duchess Senior is banished by her sister, Duchess Frederica; Senior’s daughter, Rosalind, has been allowed to remain at court until her aunt, Frederica, suddenly banishes her as well. Rosalind then disguises herself with childhood friend and cousin Celia to escape to the Forest of Arden, aided by court fool Touchstone. Amidst the trees, characters discover love and freedom away from the realities of court life.

The production will show Friday, October 20th and Saturday, October 21st at 7PM; each show will be ASL interpreted for the deaf and hard of hearing community. Tickets are $5 each and can be obtained through cast members or director Elaine Finley at (315)642-5521 or [email protected]. Tickets will also be available at the door.

The Cast: Dominique Torrez (Rosalind/Ganymede), Hannah Bajakian (Celia/Aliena), Justin Nadal (Orlando), Keaton Landerman (Oliver), Daisy Hecker (Touchstone), Maria Miller (Phoebe), Chris Curbelo (Silvius), Emily Goodrich (Duchess Senior), Johlea Johnson (Duchess Frederica), Jeromy Henning (Charles), Briley Cullum (Agnes), Kyerra Stanley (Jacques), McEwen Thornton (Corinne), Elizabeth Welborn (Le Beau ), Jaylin Sands (Helene), and Sophia Russell (Jacqueline).