Bucking the Critics on the New “Venom” Movie

Gabe Coleman, Co-Editor of Entertainment


Going in to the new Venom movie released on October 5th, my expectations were (admittedly) not very high. I just wanted the new appearance on screen to be better than the original Spider-man 3 showing. In my view, that Venom completely messed up how massive he truly is and just was a complete mistake. Since that movie is over 10 years old, I’m glad they made a brand new film using today’s tech to create “Venom’ as we all know and love him in comics.

On www.imdb.com there’s an overall rating of 7.1/10 which, personally, I believe is too low. I very much enjoyed almost every single second of it. But of course like all movies, there were parts where the animations could’ve been improved, or the dialogue didn’t necessarily need to be so extra, but a 7.1 is a definite undercut that indicates some haters out there. An 8.75/10 is my rating of how the movie affected me. This new Venom is a highly improved, better showing of how Eddie Brock and Venom handled their relationship, than Topher Grace’s immediate bonding relationship with the symbiote in spider-man 3.

After my viewing, I asked many of my fellow students here at Indian River how they felt towards the new movie. –BEWARE, partial spoilers ahead!–

Niko Bryant, Junior-16, said “I liked how they made him a lot bigger and feel like a real scary but awesome guy.”

Dylan Johnson, Senior-18, had said, “I really didn’t think they needed so many jokes in between the convos with Venom and Eddie Brock. But other than that I seriously recommend everyone to go see it.”

Sierra Klepacz, senior-17, had said, “When Eddie’s girlfriend held the venom virus inside her, then kissed Eddie to give it back to him, that was my favorite scene. I loved the whole movie honestly.”